After publishing the text on SPIN Info, the municipality of Pale signed the contract and sent a reply

After the writings of SPIN Info, the Municipality of Pale chose a contractor overnight, even though it is about the procurement of business premises.


Back in April of this year, the municipality of Pale announced a tender for the procurement of business premises for the needs of the Center for Social Work. Although more than three months have passed since then, and two months since our inquiry to the Municipality, only after our portal’s yesterday’s writing about who is being arranged to purchase the space, which, according to the requested conditions, corresponds to that of the investor “Stanišić” doo, the municipality made an express overnight Decision on the selection of the most favourable bidder.


PALE MUNICIPALITY: To whom is the tender for the purchase of business premises arranged?


So yesterday, the company “SANTING” doo was chosen as the contractor (although in question is not the execution of works, but the purchase of space). This is the only bidder who responded to the tender in question.


The owner of the company is Branislav Lopatić, a company that also cooperates with the municipality.


Thus, for the first time, a response from the municipality of Pale arrived at our address, in which, among other things, they stated: “These are facts and easily checked data that can be inspected, while everything else that is said and written on this topic, including SPIN Info that did and continues to do this, is the result of unfounded speculations that are not true at all”.



Shortly after that, the mayor of Pale Boško Jugović sent an invitation to the author of the text. Among other things, the mayor sees nothing objectionable in the fact that 78 tenders have been given to the company “Stanišić” doo since he has been at the head of the municipality, that is, since 2016, which amounts to a total of 2.2 million KM, reminding us that it is still a period of six years.


SPIN Info will continue to monitor the implementation of this contract, as well as which premises were chosen for the needs of the Center for Social Work, and whether they correspond to the specified characteristics in the tender, as did those in the “closer centre of the City”.


Author: The Editorial Office

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