Borjana pushed her brother into the election committee in Livno, and support to the most beautiful aunt will also be his two daughters

Borjana pushed her brother into the election committee in Livno, and support to the most beautiful aunt will also be his two daughters In the birthplace of Borjana Krišto, HDZ’s candidate for the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, efforts were made to ensure the best possible election result of that party in Livno, so her brother and nieces, the director of Elektroprivreda, etc. will sit in the election committees. The City Election Commission (Gradsko izborno povjerenstvo – GIP) violated the regulations with these and other similar appointments.


Ljupko Krželj, brother of Borjana Krišto, was appointed as the deputy president of the election committee to party colleague Luka Jurič at the Bila Elementary School. In addition to Krželj, the list includes other members of HDZ BiH under other parties or GIP. Stipe Periša and Petar Bikić are also members of the HDZ, on the official correspondence they will be in front of the GIP and Dodik’s SNSD. This manoeuvre of political trade in polling committees bypasses the Rulebook, which states that three members of one party cannot sit in the same polling committee, but with old and already well-proven immoral actions, these Livnjaks (those from Livno) got away with it, and the Supreme Party will have the majority of its members in this polling committee.

Along with father Ljupko, the “logistical” support of aunt Borjana will be Ivana and Ana Krželj. Both sisters were appointed by the City Election Commission. Ivana is a member of the election committee at the Čuklić Elementary School, and Ana is a substitute.

In addition to close family and relatives, the director of the Livna Elektroprivreda will also earn a daily wage at the polling committee. Josip Čelar was appointed by the “independent” City Election Commission to monitor the fairness of the elections at the Silvija Strahimir Kranjčević Vocational High School in Novo Naselje. He will also be accompanied by HDZ’s Andrea Vukadin, even though she is in front of the HSP BiH party.

Borjana Krišto’s brother and nieces are not the most famous names from that house, the bride Tihana Krželj is still the main star as the president of the notorious association ‘Hrvatska žena’ or ‘Croatian Woman’ from Livno.

In 2016 alone, the aforementioned association collected 100,000 KM from the Council of Ministers, and the association also received funds from other levels of government. Tihana Krželj was HDZ’s representative in the Assembly of Herceg-Bosnia County on two occasions, but was also an active member of women’s HDZ BiH. Even earlier, when she was the president of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Borjana Krišto donated 10 thousand KM to her bride.

The whole case came into the public spotlight when Livno was hit by one of the biggest emigrations of young people and entire families, and an anonymous association from Livno received a huge amount of money that was enormously different from other non-profit associations or organizations, so the monastery in Kraljeva Sutjeska received a shameful 1000 KM, which the guardian of the monastery finally refused. The project on the basis of which ‘Hrvatska žena’ received 100,000 KM is called “Rehabilitation and reconstruction for the preservation of cultural and historical heritage”, and it is decidedly not specified what is rehabilitation and what is reconstruction.

Livno is constantly under scrutiny for irregularities. For the past elections in 2018, this centre of Herceg-Bosnia County was rocked by the affair of Marko Zagorec – a person who applied for the Assembly as an independent candidate. According to the Žurnal, this does not seem strange at first glance, but it turned out that two years before, Zagorac had asked for money from the Ministry for house renovation because he had no income to register for the elections and collect 500 signatures and pay the required 5,000 KM.

Opposition politicians like Perković and Sučić claimed that everything was orchestrated by the HDZ and SDA in order to get as many polling stations as possible, which, it seems, are crucial for electoral success.

Likewise, the fact that in 2012 he collected 17 votes for the Municipal Council as an independent candidate, and for the General Election in 2018 he collected 500 signatures casts much doubt on Zagorec. According to Article 11, the City Election Commission violated the Ordinance on substitute members of the electoral commissions, which clearly states that students, graduates, unemployed, etc. should be appointed as substitute members. The GIP appointed as many as 240 substitute members, and a good number of them are party personnel, employees of public companies or public institutions.

Thus, Article 11 mandates that “if a sufficient number of qualified candidates prescribed in paragraph (3) of this Article do not apply to the published public advertisement from this Article, the election committee will contact the authorities at all levels to ensure the filling of the reserve list. The reserve list in the first row will consist of high school seniors, students of higher education institutions, unemployed persons registered with the employment office, and employees of the city/municipal public administration.

The city election committee decides who will be their representative in the polling committees. The Livanja GIP consists of president Josip Vidović, and members Ilija Pravdić, Tihomir Šukan, Fikret Sitnić, and Nikolina Perica. Sitnić is an SDA cadre, while all the others are close to HDZ or HDZ 1990 (Šukan). Presidents Vidović and Pravdić were jointly voted for by the councillors of both HDZ parties at the city council session.

Citizens are rightly surprised by the election campaigns in our country, which are monolithic without any debates and confrontations, while everything mostly comes down to boring speeches, threats, bishoprics and priests, and the lighting of candles. Livno is just one of the indicators that the biggest campaigns are being conducted in the background of the deep state, where it is shown time and time again that who and where sits on the electoral committees is more important than the party program, which, frankly, hardly anyone touches.


Writes: Zoran Kolobara /


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