Kvesić acquired the audit of the hospital in Široki, it was the most favourable for him

If UCH director Ante Kvesić is healthy and alive, he may remain for another term at the head of UCH Mostar, given how much money is being prepared for the hospital in every direction. Along with the Federation, where the SDA and HDZ have agreed to refresh hospitals, which will send 63 million KM to UCH in an urgent procedure, among others, an additional 10.6 million KM will arrive from Croatia.


It is certain that the director could change his mind, then withdraw the one recently said on television for the brand and national stiffness to leave, and remain at least for seven more terms director.

The University Clinical Hospital Mostar, headed by Ante Kvesić, will receive 63 million KM in the coming period from the federal government, which will transfer about 30 million to the hospital headed by the first lady of the SDA. With this, HDZ and SDA once again proved that they have never had any problems with the agreement on the distribution of budget funds. In regards to everything else, they cannot agree.

The Government of the Federation will allocate 125 million KM for the implementation of consolidation and/or restructuring of university clinics, as follows: Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo: 32 million KM, University Clinical Center Tuzla: 30 million KM and University Clinical Hospital Mostar: 63 million KM. If you carefully add Sarajevo and Tuzla, we see the amount that will be sent to Mostar.

The Federation government will send this money without questioning the role of the current directors in accumulating debts, whether it be Ante Kvesić or Sebija Izetbegović.

Along with the Federal Government and Plenković’s Government, which has three representatives from 11 constituencies, it will donate around 10.6 million KM to the University Clinical Hospital Mostar this year.

For the period January-February, two million kunas will be allocated to the hospital in Mostar once, and then in the period March-December 3.8 million kunas per month to settle part of the due obligations to suppliers of consumables and implantable medical supplies, Croatian officials said recently. The majority of these funds will end up with the director’s good friend Čujić, ie with the company Melcom, which, judging by public procurement, procures everything “from needle to locomotive” for the director, and not from Croats as Andrej Plenković said.


Croats as a nation generally have little help from the Government of the Republic of Croatia, while they are mostly collected by individuals or various CASs, and most of the funds have been spent in selected directions.

Revision from Široki Brijeg


What and how Antiša is doing is not known, nor is it being questioned, nor will the director be responsible for everything (not) done in the last 30 years. He procures for himself what he wants, and it is interesting that the audit of his financial statements will be done by a company from his hometown of Široki Brijeg, where his son also has a pharmaceutical factory.


Namely, the director of UCH Mostar, Ante Kvesić, chose the company Sigma revizija from Široki Brijeg as the most favourable bidder in the public procurement of external audit services for the financial reports of the University Clinical Hospital Mostar. Both the company and the hospital claim that the selection was made through a public call.


The University Clinical Hospital “procured” the auditor through public procurement, and along with Sigma, Revizija Fircon from Mostar, Grant Thornton from Banja Luka, Address from Sarajevo, and Orecons&Audit from Zenica sent applications, which, because sent in late, were returned unopened to the bidders. The rest of the bidders were rejected, and it is especially interesting that everyone was given the same reason – the number of hours spent on the final audit, which is 320 hours for Fircon and Address, and 296 hours for the company from Široki Brijeg.


Also, it is stated that Sigma revizija Ltd. is the most economically advantageous bidder with the amount of 11,700 KM. Sigma revizija was founded in December 2017 and has two employees, and the ownership structure includes Josipa Grbavac, a professor at the University of Mostar.

was asked whether Sigma revizija has completed the external audit of financial statements for 2021, and whether the choice of this audit firm was agreed in advance since all other companies that responded to the call were rejected for the same reason – the number of hours spent. UCH says that everything is according to the law, and according to the public procurement procedures, the same ones that the director procures from Jaran Čujić – by accident.

“The audit of financial statements for 2021 is underway, and will be completed within the agreed deadline and published in the manner prescribed by the Law on Accounting and Auditing of FBiH (submitted to the competent institutions as well as the annual statement). The selection of the auditing company was done through the procedure of the public procurement system”, they stated in the answer for Hercegovina.info from the University Clinical Hospital in Mostar.

At the address of Sigma revizija there are two auditing companies Revizija d.o.o and Sigma revizija, and the same persons overlap in both companies. The director of Sigma Audit, Josipa Grbavac, was asked if there was any prior agreement that their company would do an audit of UCH, and she claims that it was not.

“Through the public procurement process, the comapany Sigma revizija sent an offer for the Audit of Financial Statements for 2021 for UCH Mostar”, explains Grbavac in a written answer to our inquiry. Pointing out that the audit of UCH’s financial statements is ongoing and will be completed on time.

Asked about two audit companies at the same address, she points out: “At the address of Fra Didak Buntić 72 is the headquarters of Sigma REVIZIJA, and Revizija d.o.o is in the process of liquidation.”

Interestingly, as can be seen on the public procurement portals, two years ago, Perica Jelečević, also close to the HDZ BiH, and at the head of the Orašje County Hospital, acquired audit services from this company.

All his purchases

The director of the Mostar hospital, Ante Kvesić, as we wrote, has many other friendly companies with which he is connected by public procurement. For years, Kvesić’s hospital has been diverting money to the Melcom company, where his good friend Mate Čujić is both the founder and director, along with Mira Radišić, who is also in the company’s founding structure and management. The total income of that company in recent years has jumped to an incredible 20 million KM, mostly on the basis of contracts and procurement with the hospital of director Kvesić.

In the first week of December last year alone, UCH ordered a million KM worth of goods from Melcom. When asked to comment on that, “he said that all hospital procurements are public.”

In addition to friendly companies from which they abundantly procure, Kvesići also has a family business with medicines. The son of the director of the hospital Blago Kvesić, in addition to the director, is also one of the founders of Natura Pharma located in Mamići Gornji in Široki Brijeg. Kvesići will say that he worked his way through the county’s drug lists with the Široki Brijeg-based company Natura Pharm, where the government and the HNZ Health Insurance Fund opened their doors to him through hard work and not through connections.

The director of UCH, Ante Kvesić, does not see anything controversial in all of the above, but it still seems that he is fed up with the hospital he has run for three decades.

“In truth, it is enough. I guess people have had enough of me, and I’ve had enough of everyone,” the director said in a recent television appearance. On the other hand, the double-digit multimillion dubious of the hospital will be easily paid using the money from our pockets.

By: Hercegovina.info





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