Stronger than the state, but not rain – the refreshing weather closed the beach bar on Klinje

Despite the order of the Republic Inspection, the Beach Bar on Lake Klinje worked until the rain (temporarily?) closed it. To make the absurdity even greater, the illegal facility is leaning on a dam that is under state protection, and it “borrows” electricity from RiTE Gacko, which manages the dam.


The letter that the Service for Technical Inspection of High Dams of RiTE Gacko, Sector for Water Management, sent to the management of the company on June 3 demanding the removal of the illegal structure did not help to protect the dam.


“Given that the construction of an illegal facility was started on the spillway of the Klinje dam, the construction of such a facility absolutely endangers the function of the spillway, that is, the flow of large waters and its existence in that place can threaten the dam. Such a phenomenon was registered in the 70s of the last century with serious consequences when the narrowed profile caused the collapse of a stone fence, a flyover bridge and flooding downstream of the dam with great material damage. We are of the opinion that such an object should be removed urgently”, says the letter signed by the heads of the service and the sector.


However, not only was the facility built, but it also “borrowed” electricity from RiTE, which manages the dam.


So far, there are no public reactions from the authorities, neither from the municipality nor from RiTE on this matter.


Citizens generally think that there should be a beach bar on Klinje, but not in this manner.



“The municipality had to define how the building should look and how much space it should occupy so that it does not endanger either the dam or the visitors. Like this, everything was done wildly, violently. The swimmers do not feel comfortable while some people are drinking above them. Not to mention that even the toilet facilities are not adequately regulated. In short, the municipality is responsible”, is the opinion of one of the regular visitors to Klinje which, according to the reactions, is generally accepted.


At the end of July, the mayor of the municipality, Ognjen Milinković, to our question about whether the beach bar was legal, answered that he did not know and that he did not need to know everything.


As “Direkt” already wrote, the facility started operating at the beginning of July, and on July 22, the Municipal Department for Economy, Finance and Social Activities issued a decision on the registration of the beach bar “Klinje”.


“According to the current law, the owner has a deadline of 30 days to complete the procedure and obtain all permits, which, after that, will be checked by on-site inspections”, they told us at the time in the municipality of Gacko.



However, the Republic Inspectorate sent us an answer that the building is illegal, that it endangers the dam, which is a monument of architectural value, and that it was ordered to be removed.


The procedure is such that the investor needs to remove the building himself and return everything to its original state. If he does not do this, the local government, or the inspection, hires a company that will remove the building and issue an invoice to the owner.


As things stand now, the building will be closed by the rain and removed, perhaps, by a torrent, if there are high waters. However, as warned by the competent sector, part of the dam could go with the building.


But nobody seems to care about that when the personal and current interest is much clearer.


Writtes: Milanka Kovačević/DIREKT

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