EPILOGUE OF THE KASA ACTION The creators of “dugi klik” have new companies and work even harder, only a few ‘bosses’ have fallen

In 2019, SIPA’s action codenamed KASA 1,2,3 brought down the team with “dugi” (long) and “kratki” (short) “klik” (click), that is, scams with fiscal accounts, but in 2022, the creators of the ‘dugi klik’ (long click) are working, even more so than before.

By using the ‘dugi klik’, fiscal invoices were not appearing, and that was a click for the bosses, while the ‘kratki klik’ (short click) was for the state. In the same way that politics uses the state in the direction of the people, shop owners used the fiscal cash registers towards the state, for them – the bulk of the traffic, for the state – crumbs.

The company ‘Inspirit’ from Sarajevo was in charge of the software (program support and maintenance), which sold and maintained dubious software that would have enabled the falsification of fiscal accounts. It would be expected that after the ‘Kasa’ campaign, the same names would not be retained in the business with cash registers, but they are.


In the company Inspirit d.o.o. Sarajevo, the ownership structure was Config d.o.o. Mostar, that is, Ivan Dragoje, who three years after his arrest in the Kasa action, although he was in the founding structure of Inspirit, has a number of companies on the same or similar topic.

The same companies always win

The general representative of Datecs fiscal cash registers is Config d.o.o., and sales are also handled by Katarina, a company from which all institutions headed by HDZ BiH personnel procure publicly, and which would be HDZ’s counterpart to SNSD’s Prointer, given how many public funds they receive invitations from institutions with ‘zna se’ (known) staff.

In addition to cash registers, the owner of Config Dragoje also owns the company E-card for sim cards that are installed in new cash registers.

Thus, users who change cash registers are asked for a new E-card, even though they already had one – let’s say one from Bh. telecom. We found out all this after several entrepreneurs contacted us revolted by the unnecessary exchange of cash registers.

In addition to E-card and Config, Dragoje also owns the company Breakpoint, where he is one of the founders.

Breakpoint is an IT consulting company, E-card seller, imposing cards on all entrepreneurs who change cash registers, and Config covers, that is, procures cash registers.

Practically, three years after the “Kasa” campaign, those who were in the centre of attention have new companies and are working again. We were all warned by a businessman who recently changed cash registers and was amazed that he had to change it for almost the same one, and that he also had to change the e-card.

“Croatia solved it the best, they installed the software, but did not touch the existing cash registers. But “ours” again take to filling private pockets and with that justify the change with something that does not hold water. As for replacing cash registers, completely unnecessary. For the first time, the fiscalization itself was not done according to the example of Croatia, where craftsmen could keep the old fiscal cash registers and everything was solved by software, and communication between the tax office and the cash register. For the second time, they are asking for cash register changes that are almost in no way different from the first ones, with the provision that these new ones become blocked if they fail to send traffic for a period of time. I paid about 700 KM, and that’s not all, I already had BH Telecom’s SIM card in my old one, they didn’t even ask me and they brought me a contract from E-card”, points out one of the many businessmen who addressed us, and who are forced to change cash registers, certainly not for the last time.

On the occasion of his arrival and replacement of the cash register, he was presented with a copy of federal regulations.

Namely, the Minister of Finance Jelka Milićević is persistently making sure that the business with cash registers does not fail, who has on several occasions passed ordinances on the replacement of cash registers, thereby imposing additional costs on the real sector, first shaken by the coronavirus, then by the economic crisis.

Let us remind you that, although the law was rejected in the Parliament, the Federal Minister of Finance Jelka Milićević passed a regulation on the dynamics of replacing fiscal systems in FBiH, which was published on September 17 last year in the Official Gazette.

Expert examinations are still ongoing in Mostar, Sarajevo has completed the work

“Dugi klik” cash registers were used by many restaurateurs and shop owners throughout BiH, who were the targets of arrests, and were reassigned to the County Prosecutor’s Offices in Sarajevo, Mostar and Istocno Sarajevo, and the “Kasa” action was focused on them.

“We inform you that as part of the “Kasa” case, and after the acceptance of the plea agreement, Nedžad Rašidagić was finally convicted for the criminal offence of tax evasion. He was sentenced to one year in prison. According to the agreement, between the accused and the company “KENNA”, which operates the catering facility “Metropolis”, the property benefit obtained through the criminal offence in the amount of 694,663.14 KM was confiscated. The said amount was paid into the budget of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The “Kasa” investigation is ongoing,” said Azra Bavčić, spokeswoman for the County Prosecutor’s Office of Sarajevo County, in response to our inquiry about the Kasa action.

The Kasa action was also dealt with by the District Public Prosecutor’s Office in Istocno Sarajevo.

As confirmed by the spokesperson Neven Kramer, they have already completed the work.

“We inform you that in the cases codenamed “Kasa” in the District Public Prosecutor’s Office in Istocno Sarajevo, 2 indictments were brought against 3 people and that 2 final convictions were handed down (the convicts had to return approximately 120,000 KM to the Tax Administration of Republika Srpska). The indictments were brought at the end of 2020, and the final verdicts were handed down in mid-2022. At the same time, the suspension of the investigation against 4 persons was brought to an end”, said Neven Kramer, secretary of the Prosecutor’s Office, for Hercegovina.info.

Three years have passed

In Mostar, however, things go more slowly. There are no prosecuted persons, and after three years we receive a reply from the prosecuting attorney that proceedings and expert examinations are “in progress”.
Before the official answer, we remind you that three years have passed since the arrest in the Kasa operation!

“Regarding your inquiry, and after consultation with the prosecuting attorney, we inform you that the HNŽ County Prosecutor’s Office is proceeding with the above-mentioned case, and that the seized equipment has been forwarded with an expert order to the Agency for Forensic Examinations and Expertises of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and that certain findings have been received by this Prosecutor’s Office. The acting prosecutor, in cooperation with the officials of the State Agency for Investigation and Protection of Bosnia and Herzegovina (SIPA), is analyzing the received expert findings and collected documentation. Therefore, the work on this case is ongoing”, the Office of the Chief County Prosecutor HNŽ told Hercegovina.info.

Issued certificates to himself

Cash registers are always replaced by the same, trusted companies. That Dragoje was involved in several companies of the same/similar business was also found out during the tender for the procurement of software development services for the collection, processing, and public display of data (website) of the Institute of Public Health of Sarajevo County.

A year ago, the tender was cancelled since none of the submitted offers were acceptable. Config appealed and got the job, only for the Eunoia company to complain, stating, among other things, that this company issued certificates of well-executed work to itself.

“The selected bidder also submitted certificates of well-executed work, issued by the companies Breakpoint d.o.o. Mostar and E-Card do.o. .Mostar; both companies with headquarters at Kneza Višeslava bb Mostar (as well as the selected bidder), where the founder of the company E-Card d.o.o.Mostar is the selected bidder, and the director is the same person as the director of the selected bidder. In addition, the director of both listed legal entities is the founder of the selected bidder. So, Ivan Dragoje is the founder and director of the selected bidder, and his company is the founder of the company E-Card d.o.o. Mostar, in which he is also the director, it was stated in the complaint of the company Enoia, published by Žurnal.


BY: Hercegovina.info


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