After Spin info’s writing, the Ombudsman of RS filed a lawsuit against the company “ECO PRODUCT”

A step towards terminating the contract.


After we discovered the affair of the former mayor of Bratunac, Srđan Rankić, in connection with the allocation of land under a 20-year lease to his son-in-law, the owner of the company “ECO PRODUCT”, the tangle of illegal activities of the former mayor is unravelling.


Written by: Slađan Tomić


Namely, Spin info is in possession of a letter from the Office of the Attorney General of Republika Srpska addressed to the deputy mayor of the municipality of Bratunac.


Deputy Attorney General of Republika Srpska Vladan Pejanović informed the Municipality of Bratunac that the Office of the Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against “ECO PRODUCT.”


“We inform you that this headquarters of the Deputy Ombudsman of Republika Srpska, acting according to the act of the municipality of Bratunac, and in accordance with the material evidence submitted by the municipality of Bratunac, filed a lawsuit in the District Commercial Court in Bijeljina, in a civil proceeding, in a legal matter of the municipality of Bratunac, against of the defendant DOO ‘ECO-PRODUCT’ Srebrenica in order to determine the nullity of the contract on the allocation of land within the industrial zone at the locality ‘Ciglana’, number: 02-020-325/22 dated 27.09.2022 and is handing over the possession of the land, VC 5,000.00 KM”, states the deputy attorney general of Republika Srpska.



Let’s remind you that, at the beginning of autumn last year, on September 27, 2022, to be exact, the municipality of Bratunac concluded an agreement with the company “ECO PRODUCT” on the lease of land within the industrial zone in the locality “Ciglana” with a total area of 5,474 m2. The contract was concluded for 20 years starting on October 1, 2022. The municipality was represented by the then mayor Srđan Rankić, and the company “ECO PRODUCT” was represented by Rankić’s son-in-law Milovan Bojić. The contract defines that the land will be used exclusively for the construction of two solar power plants, and the total annual rent is 1,642.20 KM.


According to our sources, the mentioned company does not have a license for the production of solar electricity, as stated in the contract, but is engaged in the production and recycling of tires.

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